How We Work

Step 1

We first gather sufficient information to ensure a thorough understanding of your situation. We generate a mathematical model to help evaluate your current financial situation. Our model incorporates your assets and debts, and shows the direction and rate of change of your net worth. It details your cash flow, income and estate tax liability. We review your wills, trusts, and insurance, as well as any entities you've created.

Step 3

Having explored your objectives, we identify conflicts in your current planning. We compare the resolution of your estate based upon the current arrangements identified in Step 1 with your goals identified in Step 2. Benefits delivered by our planning process now appear.

Step 4

Mismatches between what your current planning delivers and what you want it to deliver need to be reconciled. Accordingly, we explore with you the manner in which various strategies repair disjoints. It is our experience that the financially optimal solution is not necessarily the solution ultimately implemented. So, we work and rework the plan until it feels right to you. We then document your plan via schematics and in writing.

Step 5

We are now ready to implement, and the document created in Step 4 serves as our blueprint. With this guiding document in hand, we incorporate the specialized knowledge of your attorney and accountant to assure seamless execution.

Step 6

In order to stand the test of time your plan needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. Laws, economic factors, and your personal situation will change over time. As part of an ongoing service contract, we review the impact of these changes on your plan and evaluate the extent to which it continues to satisfy your objectives.